accinate the eligible population as widely as possible and gradually build an immune barrier in the whole population to control the epidemic.The vaccination would be admih


    nistered in the order of key groups, high-risk groups, and the general population as the vaccines production capacity increases, he said.Zeng noted that China has a varieW

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ty of measures in place to ensure safe vaccinations, including proper vaccination procedures, strict vaccinator training, vaccine recipient screening, adverse reaction monitoring, emergency treatment, and expert consultations on adverse react5


ions, Zeng said.A total of 25,392 vaccination sites are available nationwide. Nearly 140,000 people have been vaccinated so far in north Chinas Hebei Province, said Cui Gang, an offi3


cial with NHCs disease control department. He demanded efforts to speed up vaccination among key groups in the province as soon as possible.The NHC has organized experts to work out 1


eight detailed plans to guide the vaccinations, from vaccine transportation and distribution to adverse reaction prevention, Cui said.A traceability information system for the managez

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ment of vaccines now operates in medical institutions at all levels, Cui addeV

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an expert from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said vaccination monitoring showed that most of the adverse reactions, including rashes and allergic reactions, are mild. Approximately one in a million encountered relatively serious adverse reactions.COVID-19 vaccinations costs, including vaccine expenses and inoculation fees, would be coverZ

ed by medical insurance funds and government fiscal, rather than individuals, said Li Tao, deputy director of the National Healthcare Security Administration.He also noted that the administrations disbursement on COVID-19 vaccines would not affect the current revenue and expenditure of medical insurance funds or residents medical treatment.Zheng Zhongwei, head n

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of the working group for vaccine development under the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism against COVID-19, said China has pr9

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omised to make its COVID-19 vaccine a global public good when available, contributing to vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.Chinas vaccine enterprises took 2

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consideration of this promise when laying out the vaccine production capacity, Zheng said.JUBA, Aug. 24 -- A tea0

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  • hina and Myanma0

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r have reached consensuses on an array of issues ranging from bilateral relations to the joint fight against the COVID-19 pand1